Sunday, November 1, 2009

My New Venture: MSDS Binders

So the newest of my ideas to help the world is by making material safety data sheet binders. These are required by OSHA for manufacturing organizations to have to make sure that the work space is safe for employees. I think it's a good thing to have for any manufacturing space.

Friday, July 17, 2009

Light of Day Institute T-shirt

I know that by reading this you are a person that could easily be described as a True Bloodaholic. That's ok, I am too. That's why I couldn't sleep at night until I had designed a real version of the famous Light of Day Institute shirt that Jason Stackhouse has been wearing in season two (or not wearing, wooohoo!). So I did it, I redesign the shirt and now you can get it. Check it out below.

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

I Love College Asher Roth T-shirt

Do you love this Asher Roth anthem to college? Well when I listen to it I actually get sad because I do love college and I miss it a whole hell of a lot. Of well, I guess I will just get the t-shirts and be done with it.

Saturday, April 25, 2009

Muni Shirt

So living in San Francisco means that you are subject to the Municipal Railway much like you are subjected to homeless people crapping on the streets, it's something you just can't avoid. MUNI for me is a love and hate relationship. I love the idea of buses (I can't stand driving and parking), but I hate the way MUNI is run. The drivers are rude and the buses are smelly and dirty. I mean when someone that spends their time documenting disgusting bathrooms is grossed out by a bus you have to kind of wonder. However, I do have faith for MUNI and I think that it can be the gleaming rose of San Francisco transportation. That is why I designed this t-shirt, in hopes that through a general up-swell of support for MUNI that SF officials will clean it up.

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

I'm on a Boat T-shirt

Ready to go to spring break and get wasted? Well you're not completely ready unless you've got your I'm on a boat t-shirt! This is a shirt that designed after I watched the awesome musical stylings of Lonely Island. Check it out below and below that is the video.

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Why So Serious Becomes Why So Sober T-shirt

So I was watching one of my favorite movies and a favorite among my fellow nerds everywhere, “The Dark Knight,” and I was thinking that what better way to celebrate the famous “Why So Serious?” line by the Joker than to turn it into a St. Patrick’s Day joke? And viola! The Why So Sober T-shirt was born! Check out my sweet joker face t-shirt that is perfect for all your St. Patrick’s Day beer drinkin’ festivities.

Sunday, February 8, 2009

Fair Accommodations - Clean up with this

I yesterday evening traveling a part of town I try to avoid thanks to tourists with big camera lenses that don't pay attention to where they are walking. I like to call this part of San Francisco Chinatown. Anyway, I went there to check out the Chinese Lunar New Year Parade because that is just one of the best parades you'll ever see in San Francisco and is up there for best parade in the US for sure. The parade was fun, lots of dragons, firecrackers and I got to shake Gavin Newsom's hand (it's a lot cooler doing it then writing about it). But I though there was one down side, as there is always a downside when going to fair/parade/concert, and we know that downside as the bathroom accommodations. I have never been a big fan of porto potties. The idea of a pine scent and some blue liquid covering all that disgusting waste just causes me some grief especially in such a seismically active city as San Francisco (those porto potties could topple at any time). Thankfully I didn't have to go into any of the porto-pain because I used my home bathroom before leaving, but I did notice the cleaning station as I was walking by and I knew it was worth taking a quick snap of it.

Mind you, this is the CLEANING STATION. I mean just look at it! Maybe to you the used paper towels, flies around the sink and water that is labeled as safe enough for your hands but not for your mouth is a pillar of sanitation, but for me this is about as clean as licking the underside of a grease trap outside McDonalds. Come on people, with all the technology we've created like iphones and email we can't come up with something that is better than a porto-pottie? Where is my iPottie? It's time to get the scientist of the world to switch to portable pooping technology that is better and more fun for the entire family.

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Earthquake Bathroom

So being a resident of San Francisco, I often wonder what it would be like to be in a bathroom during an earthquake. Does the water shoot up from the pipe systems? Can you still brush your teeth with even strokes? Is it really hard to apply deodorant? That is why I think they should design earthquake proof bathrooms. Sounds crazy? Not really when you break it down.

  1. Where do you go during an earthquake? Doorway? Hallway? Under a tree with magical roots? Nobody knows. make it common knowledge that all bathrooms are built like Cold War bunkers and everyone will feel safe crapping in times of crisis.

  2. Speaking of crapping, that brings me to my second point. What happens when people are scared? That's right it's not pretty and it smells a little bad in the swimsuit area. So why not make it auto-response to get people to the bathroom, that way when the crisis is over they come out smelling fresh, clean and of course well shaven.

  3. Vantiy. Have you ever looked at yourself during a crisis? Seriously you're crying, panicked and of course creating terrible creases in your complexion. If people had mirrors like they do in bathrooms they would see how foolish them look during an earthquake and quickly straighten out and look decent for cameras.

So if we had earthquake proof bathrooms, not only would not be dead after an earthquake, they would smell nicer and look decent in the face of a crisis and those are really things we can't do without.

Sunday, January 18, 2009

Front Page Whore T-shirt

When I am not searching the world for the worst places to drop a load I spend a lot of time on (it's a similar experience). Recently, I have noticed a lot of what I am going to call whores on Digg. Now these are not the people that just try and friend everyone to boost their rank (I hate you too, don't worry). These are instead the people that don't bother to do anything but read the front page and top news on digg. I hate this because all they are doing is boosting the ego of people like MrBabyMan and others that seem to game the system to get their stories top. Do some research people! Go into upcoming, or even do some reading by category, it won't hurt. Go ahead, try it, I'll wait....while I was waiting I made this t-shirt design for you whores.