Monday, May 14, 2007

Disposable Razor

So I hear through the grapevine, and by grapevine I mean the crazies on the bus that sometimes talk to me, that you are supposed to throw away those disposable razors after like two weeks of use. Did I not get the memo on this one? I have been using the same disposable, single blade razor for almost six months now. Yes it isn’t the closest of shaves and it is pink (I sometimes questions my masculinity while shaving, yesterday I almost threw off my towel to shave my legs..) but I don’t get razor burn or any other affliction attributed to dull razors and I am clean shaven. So what’s the deal?

My theory? Glad you asked.... It’s those damn razor people, they want people to keep buying more and more razor blades so that they can fill all the garbage dumps with the old ones, making the dumps so razor filled that the local seagull population is killed off by razors cutting up their insides. And just as people are being to wonder what happened to all the seagulls, Gillette announce the Mach 6 Robot Seagull, with precious control tourist aimed shitting.

So take the Nasty Bathroom Challenge and try shaving with a disposable for six months, you will at least be fighting off the eventual take over of Robot Seagulls.