Monday, February 25, 2008

Six Months - No Deodorant

It started with a scare. I mistakenly turned on FOX News and learned (I use that term loosely) from those luscious truth spinners that deodorant might have some aluminum oxidate something or other in it. What does that garbage do? Well other than making you attractive to the opposite sex and giving you that classic MAN smell, it makes you forget your wasted life when you are drooling as a past time at the tender age of 86 in a nursing home.

So I decided to stop, and what an improvement in my life it has been. Not only do I save 3-4 dollars a month, I am discovering new smells, or as I like to call them musts, that I produce.

What affect does it have on other people? Well as far as I can tell everyone loves it, I've received a promotion recently, and even been approved for progressive car insurance.

So I dare you to ditch the deodorant and do the world and your memory a favor.

Should I do a t-shirt? I think so.