Sunday, December 4, 2011

Eight Mile Run – DONE!

Yesterday, the Team and I did our longest run of the season (so far). Eight hard miles, the longest distance I’ve ever run! It felt good, but not as good as the $1,300 in donations to LLS we’ve raised together! Thank you to everyone for continuing to donate – we are so close to getting to the $2,000 goal.

Forrest vs. Normal Update
The Run Patrick Run Challenge started out strong for “Normal Patrick,” but “Forest Patrick” has picked up steam this week. The donation tally is now $680 for “Normal Patrick” and $658 for “Forrest Patrick.” It’s so close; I have no idea which style is going to win! Want to influence the decision? Donate to vote!

Saturday, July 30, 2011

Funny Honey Badger for President 2012 T-Shirt

As the debt ceiling debt continues to fill the airways ahead of the 2012 election I think it's time to consider a new candidate for the presidency that will be above the Washington/inside-the-beltway politics as usual crap that goes on in DC. I think it's time we consider the Honey Badger for the 2012 president. There's no question that the Honey Badger is a single issue candidate that is willing to go the extra mile to make sure he gets his honey. He won't mess with taxes or spend (unless they get in the way of honey) and he won't put up with lobbyists. I'm ready for the candidate that don't care about politics - I'm ready for the Honey Badger!

Saturday, May 21, 2011

San Fransexual T-Shirt

Gay pride is something that has helped to shape San Francisco and make it a wonderfully unique place to live. With pride parade coming up I thought I'd create some designs that honor the San Fransexual nature of this city. Check out my San Fransexual San Francisco designs below.

Sunday, March 6, 2011

Charlie Sheen Winning St. Patrick's Day T-Shirt

Winning - DUH! This is my awesome winning st. patrick's day t-shirt in honor of Charlie Sheen.

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

I've Seen The Future: HTML 5 T-Shirt and HTML 5 mug

HTML 5 is coming fast and furious and I for one am really excited about the fact that the web is getting an upgrade. Here's a shocker, Microsoft is leading the effort for adoption. That's like the 80 year-old cripple winning a sprint in Kenya. Microsoft, really? Well either way I'm happy that they are helping out and I am going to start wearing my HTML five shirts and drinking from my HTML 5 mug in support.