Sunday, February 8, 2009

Fair Accommodations - Clean up with this

I yesterday evening traveling a part of town I try to avoid thanks to tourists with big camera lenses that don't pay attention to where they are walking. I like to call this part of San Francisco Chinatown. Anyway, I went there to check out the Chinese Lunar New Year Parade because that is just one of the best parades you'll ever see in San Francisco and is up there for best parade in the US for sure. The parade was fun, lots of dragons, firecrackers and I got to shake Gavin Newsom's hand (it's a lot cooler doing it then writing about it). But I though there was one down side, as there is always a downside when going to fair/parade/concert, and we know that downside as the bathroom accommodations. I have never been a big fan of porto potties. The idea of a pine scent and some blue liquid covering all that disgusting waste just causes me some grief especially in such a seismically active city as San Francisco (those porto potties could topple at any time). Thankfully I didn't have to go into any of the porto-pain because I used my home bathroom before leaving, but I did notice the cleaning station as I was walking by and I knew it was worth taking a quick snap of it.

Mind you, this is the CLEANING STATION. I mean just look at it! Maybe to you the used paper towels, flies around the sink and water that is labeled as safe enough for your hands but not for your mouth is a pillar of sanitation, but for me this is about as clean as licking the underside of a grease trap outside McDonalds. Come on people, with all the technology we've created like iphones and email we can't come up with something that is better than a porto-pottie? Where is my iPottie? It's time to get the scientist of the world to switch to portable pooping technology that is better and more fun for the entire family.