Sunday, November 14, 2010

Why/How I canceled my Netflix

Let's start out with the why I canceled my Netflix account. It's not because I don't like the company - in fact I think they have an awesome business model. When I was using Netflix to its full potential, I was getting foreign movies, obscure movies, and popular releases all the time. I mean I was getting like 2-4 movies a week with the 2 movies-at-time subscription. But then something happened and movies became harder and harder for me to watch. I don't know if it was the time it takes to watch a movie, or the commitment of watching foreign films (depression/subtitles), but I just let my Netflix account languish. I am sure a lot had to do with the work commitments I now have, but whatever the reason I couldn't stand shelling out the money to Netflix when I wasn't using the service. So now I don't have Netflix and I think that is OK. I've recently discovered that the on-demand feature from Comcast, paired with HBO has decent coverage on all the movies I want to see for a lot less up-front cost (I love HBO for other reasons starting with TruBlood and ending with Boardwalk Empire). So If you're like me, a person that just doesn't have the time for TV and movies, it might be time to move on from Netflix. You know, just thinking about this, they should have an "on-demand" model of netflix. You can have an account and rent movies, but only when you order them instead of paying a monthly fee. That would have kept me around for sure.

Canceling Netflix is easy. You just go to your "accounts" and then just click on the cancel subscription. They'll try to get you to just suspend the account but you and I both know if you do it, you'll just forget and the account will restart a couple of weeks later. So cancel it and you'll be good to go.