Monday, March 5, 2007

My "Home" the Beginning of it All....

The blog name says it all folks. It has been a long interest of mine to try and brave those bathrooms that are truely disgusting and a testement to what man will endure for a few moments relief, or maybe I am just a little off. Anything is possible. Anyways, that is how the idea of Nasty Bathroom was born. When I think of a nasty bathroom I don't think of something that is intentional, I instead think of something that is a result of a general societal neglect or the destruction of time and small actions by many people (mostly teenager, damn kids).

Let me put this in context to better explain. Here are pictures of my bathroom at my "house." (this isn't my home and I share this place with many other people). Here is the prime case of neglegence on societies part.

Notice the toilet. It has urine that is probaby very old. Also not the placement of a runner rug in the bathroom. What is the point of this? Something to soak up more urine when those inconsiderate members of our crumbling society miss the toilet? I think so. This part of the bathroom has digressed into a breeding ground that is only good for proving that if something in this bathroom doesn't kill you, it hopefully makes you stronger (I no longer have anything to fear from AIDS). Now let's move onto the smell.(side note) I know that my bathroom isn't the worst and I encourage you to tell your stories of bad bathrooms to show me what is the worst. But someone has to start it right?(end sidenote)

Alright, back to the bathroom. This part we can see the sink that has a collection of hair that is enough to clone at least three of my housemates, many times over, but that is not the most important thing. Inside the trash can is the real problem. I didn't take a picture of the inside of the trash because I do not enjoy tasting my food coming up through the stomach (thank God, pictures don't smell, otherwise I would not infect the internet with this). Anyways, many of my housemates have differnet purposes for this one tiny, un-liner filled trash can. For example one uses to dispose of his strange food stuff, leftover from his eating in his room. Its bad enough that the entire house is infected with the smell of dead sunk when he cooks, yet we still must endure the smell many months past in the trash. Another uses it to dispose an inordinate amount of toilet paper, and yes I know that toilet paper is for the toilet, but hey this is American dammit, you can do what you want! Anyways, this mixture has created a smell that hits of death with a twist of mint (oddly yes, mint). In fact, the smell of it is so terrible I fear I will never eat mint chip ice cream again... Why doesn't anyone empty it? Well I thought of that, and I fear that it has gotten to the point that being that close to the trash could cause cancer. So it grows and becomes something new, maybe we can patent it...

Alright, so now that you are throughly annoyed at me for posting this obviously wierd stuff on the internet, I will now say that this is only the start. I think that my mission to expose society is not just about bathrooms its about everything. So get ready world cause if I don't get really really lazy after this post I might post about other stuff too.